Snoring Appliance in Calgary

Is Snoring Interfering With Your Life?

Many people suffer nightly either by snoring themselves or having to sleep with a person who snores. Their are snoring solutions are available. A snoring appliance from Aviation Dental could help.

Sleep interruptions can cause many unwanted health-related issues to both the snorer and their partner. We offer you relief and a solution to get your sleep habits back on track.

Aviation Dental can custom fit a dental appliance to address you or your loved ones sleep problems.

These appliances gently move the lower jaw forward, which helps the airway stay open. Some snoring appliances also help keep the soft tissues and the tongue out of the throat.

Wearing your appliance every night can help you and your partner sleep better without the interruptions of snoring.

Some snoring is caused by more serious conditions like sleep apnea. That is why it is important to consult your dentist or doctor about any snoring issues. Your sleep is worth it!

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