Kids Dentistry in Calgary

Here at Aviation Dental in Calgary, our pediatric dentist and staff care about your entire family’s oral health.

Healthy teeth are a crucial part of your child’s overall health. Helping them develop good dental care habits begins early.

You play a vital role in keeping your little one’s smile healthy. By setting a good example, you show them how important oral hygiene is.

Your behavior toward dentist appointments also affects their view about dental care. When you show enthusiasm and excitement about dental visits, you also encourage your little ones to adopt the same response.

You can prevent your kids from developing dental anxiety. You can also help them prevent cavities and keep a beautiful smile until they become adults, themselves.

Nurturing Their Love for Oral Health

Our pediatric dentist works hard to give every child a relaxed and positive first dental experience. Our practice is geared toward helping young patients appreciate good oral health.

This is why we encourage you, as the parent, to bring your little one to our clinic for their first “Happy” visit. On this visit, we won’t do any actual dental work. Our aim is to establish rapport with your child and earn their trust.

During each of your child’s visits, we’ll use simple, positive terms to let them know what we’re doing and why they are important. We strive to make every appointment a fun experience for kids. Our goal is that they’ll remember it as a visit to their good friends at the dental office!

Whether your little one is in for a regular checkup, cleaning, or some kind of dental treatment, we’ll keep the environment supportive and happy.

How Your Child Can Have a Comfortable Dental Experience

To make your child’s first visits comfortable, we might recommend the use of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is safe for use for kids. It helps your child feel at ease at the dental chair.

If children are calm and happy, their dental treatments will also go smoother. They will also feel more motivated to return for their next appointment.

That’s what we look forward to seeing! We love to see children having a great time at the dental office.

When Should Kids Have Their First Dental Visit

The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that children have their first dental visit at 12 months of age.  Good oral health should be observed right from birth.

Baby’s gums should be cleaned using a soft, damp cloth twice daily. And as soon as their first tooth shows up, it should be cleaned using a specially designed toothbrush for babies. They should be seen by a dentist 6 months after their first tooth emerges.

From age 1, children need to start learning good hygiene habits. Brush their teeth daily and always be on the lookout for potential signs of tooth decay. Use non-fluoridated toothpaste until they reach the age of 3.

Continue making good dental hygiene habits a fun activity. Brush with your little ones and show them how to do it properly by themselves.

If your kids love dental care at an early age, chances are they will carry that with them into adulthood.

Our pediatric dentist and team here at Aviation Dental would love to help you create a dental hygiene plan for you and your little ones.

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