optimal dental health for children

Good oral health is an important component of overall physical well-being. Keep your children’s teeth healthy by teaching them about dental care early. Allowing kids to learn and practise good oral hygiene from a young age will benefit them for a lifetime.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Schedule a visit to the dental office

You can take your kids to see the dentist soon after their first birthday. If your kids are older and haven’t seen a dentist yet, it’s never too late.

We make a child’s first visit a happy one at Aviation Dental in Calgary. We take this opportunity to welcome and become friends with our youngest patients. We won’t perform any treatment yet.

Our priority at our first appointment is to help kids feel comfortable in our office and with our team.

2. Make brushing and flossing a fun routine

It’s not uncommon for parents to find it challenging to get their little ones to brush. If you can relate, relax and be patient. Don’t let the kids see you lose your temper over it.

  • Make it a family affair. Sometimes when everyone brushes together, your youngest members will likely want to join in the fun.
  • Let them select their dental care kit. Take the little ones shopping so they can choose their own toothbrush and favourite toothpaste flavour.
  • Get creative. Make brushing time a little event. Set up a dance party. Watch videos together. Or make up your own stories about brushing superheroes who fight cavities.
  • Reward good habits. Do away with sugary food and beverages. Give them a gold star or grant them a little request, like watching a movie together.

3. Avoid baby bottle tooth decay

There are many reasons why baby bottle tooth decay occurs. The most common is extended exposure to sugary drinks.

Babies shouldn’t be put to bed with their bottles. Another contributor to tooth decay in little ones is bacteria parents may be passing on to their kids through saliva, so avoid sharing utensils.

Encourage healthy food choices too.

4. Invest in a mouthguard

If your school-aged child is active in sports, consider investing in a mouthguard from the dental office. Wearing one will protect teeth from injury.

You can buy a mouthguard from some stores. However, the dentist makes a custom-fit mouthguard for your child ensuring it will be more comfortable to wear and, therefore, your child will be more likely to use it.

You can also be confident that the materials it’s made from are safe for children.

5. Ask if your child requires fluoride

Kids who were born prematurely or have special needs may be more prone to cavities. During your checkup with your dentist, ask if your little one will need fluoride.

Fluoride helps strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. If your child is already using a fluoride toothpaste, be sure to supervise because swallowing excessive amounts of fluoride can be harmful.

6. Take the lead

Children learn by example. So be sure to keep up with your own oral care, including routine visits to the dentist. Whenever possible, bring your kids along so they can see you in the chair.

If dental visits cause you anxiety, prove to your kids it can be overcome step-by-step. Our dental team is dedicated to making dental visits comfortable for patients of all ages. We’d love to help and see you beat your dental fears.

Dental Care for Kids at Aviation Dental

Keeping our children’s teeth healthy and beautiful begins from the time they’re born. Your role is crucial in setting them up to enjoy a confident smile for life. If you need further assistance with your family’s oral health needs, please contact us at Aviation Dental.