Laser Cold Sore Treatment in Calgary

What Is A Cold Sore?

Cold sores are red blisters that can appear on your lips, around your mouth or nose.

The blisters can develop into a cluster, which can cause mild to excruciating pain.  The pain can last for a few days and there are also instances when the blisters crack and leak fluids.

When cold sores attack, the symptoms can be severe. Once the virus penetrates your body, the blisters may appear around the area where they entered. You may start feeling itchiness or a slight burning sensation on the area.

It’s at this point that is best to treat a cold sore before the blisters show up.

A cold sore can be accompanied by fever or bleeding gums.

What Causes Cold Sores?

The virus associated with cold sores is called the herpes simplex virus or HSV. HSV comes in two types – type I and type II – and cold sores are commonly caused by type I HSV.

Cold sores can be contagious. The virus can be passed on from one person to another by kissing or sharing utensils as well as other personal products, such as lipsticks and razors.

Cold Sores Symptoms

Some patients report observing symptoms before the sores appear. This includes the burning sensation before the blisters show up. The gums may also appear swollen, sensitive, and red. A patient may also experience fever.

The blisters usually show up within a few hours to a day after the initial symptoms occur.

Should the cold sore recur, itching may also be felt on the area first affected by the virus. The blisters stage is usually shorter on recurring attacks. They may dry up within a few days to a few weeks, depending on how severe the infection is.

How Cold Sores Are Treated?

Treating cold sores is possible with the help of over the counter medications, such as ointments and creams. Some medications may require a doctor’s prescription. These medicines can help ease the uncomfortable symptoms of cold sores as well as shorten the healing period.

There is a more effective way to get rid of cold sores! This is thru soft tissue laser treatment offered at Aviation Dental.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

Cold sore laser treatment is most effective during the early stages of cold sores. If you recognize you’re prone to having cold sores, it’s best to treat the area once you start to feel a tingling sensation prior to the outbreak. This will help prevent the virus from developing and spreading.

In case you already have cold sores, receiving cold sore laser treatment can help the blisters heal faster. It’ll also provide relief from the pain. Since cold sores have the tendency to appear in the same areas where they occurred before, repeating laser therapy can be beneficial in keeping the cold sores at bay and even prevent future breakouts.

With laser therapy, the chances of the cold sores appearing again decreases. And should they recur, they’re likely to be less severe.

Here are more of the benefits of using soft tissue laser to address cold sores.

  • Prevents the spread of cold sores
  • Aids with fast healing
  • Provides relief from pain and discomfort
  • Prevents cold sores from returning
  • Treatment period is quick
  • The use of anesthesia isn’t required
  • Treatment is cost-effective and may be covered by your insurance

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When you feel a cold sore starting it is important to get it treated right away. Give us a call and we will fit you in.

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