At Aviation Dental in Calgary, our emergency dentist does his best to get patients in immediately for emergency dental care.

Dental emergencies are critical in nature. Patients need to receive attention right away. That is why we allow slots in our daily schedule to accommodate dental-related injuries, accidents, and other urgent issues.

Our emergency dentist and the rest of our team are also fully trained and equipped to respond to any dental emergency situations. We can help in dealing with the following:

  • emergency dentist kitSevere toothache
  • Chipped, damaged, or broken tooth
  • Bleeding teeth and gums
  • Dental concerns following a traumatic injury
  • Lost or missing teeth
  • Lost filling
  • Broken dental appliance
  • Facial swelling and pain

Urgent attention is required if you have knocked out or damaged tooth. The same goes if you’re feeling excruciating pain in your mouth. We need to examine your mouth to see what we can do to alleviate the pain or contain and treat any damage.

Give our emergency dentist a call (403) 266-3100 if you’re ever caught in a dental emergency. Whether or not you see obvious signs of damage, it’s better to be sure.

What to Do During Dental Emergencies

  • Severe Toothache. During severe toothaches, you may experience sharp, throbbing bouts of pain in your tooth. You need to get into a dental office so a dentist can examine your mouth. The appropriate treatment for a sore tooth depends on the cause of the pain. Once your dentist determines the issue, they will be able to recommend a treatment plan. The focus of your dental emergency treatment is to alleviate any pain you’re feeling. Before getting to the dental office, you can rinse your mouth with warm water. Check as well for any lodged particles and gently take them out. If you notice any swelling, use a cold compress for relief.
  • Knocked Out Tooth. Teeth that get knocked out due to trauma are a very urgent situation. Call our dental office right away so your tooth can be put back in place safely. Rinse your tooth and try to put it back into its socket. If this doesn’t work, keep the crown in a container with milk or water with salt. The chances of getting the tooth put back successfully are higher if you are able to see the dentist within an hour following the incident. If there is any bleeding in the area, apply a soft, clean cloth to stop it.
  • Broken Braces. Dental appliances, such as braces, can get damaged for various reasons. This can be attributed to a traumatic incident or biting on hard objects or food. Broken wires and braces can cause major inconveniences. The wires can poke through the gums and cause lesions or wounds. You need to see your dentist as soon as possible if this happens. Do not try to cut the wire yourself as you might end up swallowing it. If the wire has already pierced through your cheek or gums, gently try to push it to a more comfortable position.
  • Fractured tooth. The treatment necessary for a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth depends on the severity of the damage. Treatments can range from dental fillings, veneers, or a root canal and crown. Whether the damage is brought about by a traumatic accident, teeth grinding, or biting down on a hard object, it’s best to see your dentist as soon as possible. Save the part of your tooth that has come off. Stop any bleeding by applying a soft, clean cloth to the affected area. Relieve any swelling with the help of a cold compress.

Avoiding Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies aren’t planned but there are ways you can avoid emergency dental situations. First is to use your mouth only for eating or drinking. Avoid chewing on hard objects or using your teeth to open or cut through packaging.

If you’re active in sports, always wear a protective gear for your mouth. Schedule an appointment with our office. We can customize a mouthpiece for you to protect your mouth against injuries.

Emergency Dentistry in Calgary at Aviation Dental

If you’re feeling any pain or discomfort in your mouth, contact a dentist right away. Whether you feel it is an emergency or not, it’s better to take immediate action.

Contact us at (403) 266-3100 for your dental emergency needs.