12 Causes of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss not only affects daily activities like chewing and speaking, but it also has a psychological and social impact.

Thankfully, people no longer have to live with missing teeth. Dentistry today allows for various tooth replacement options.

Let’s take a look at the common causes of tooth loss.

  1. Poor oral hygiene. Insufficient or improper brushing of teeth can lead to tooth loss from decay and gum disease. Not seeing a dental professional for regular check-ups is another reason people lose their teeth. Poor oral hygiene makes your teeth vulnerable to oral health issues.
  2. Tooth decay. A result of poor oral hygiene, tooth decay is one of the leading reasons for tooth loss in adults. The good news is this is preventable.
  3. Lifestyle and habits. Smoking, excessive alcohol, and drug abuse can also be potential causes of tooth loss. Smoking is known to worsen gum disease. It also impedes the healing of infected gums.
  4. Poor diet. Some types of food and beverages can also lead to tooth loss. Like the rest of the body, our teeth benefit from proper nutrition to remain strong and healthy. Food and beverages with high acid content attack the enamel, weakening the tooth.
  5. Physical trauma. This reason for losing teeth is out of a person’s control. You may lose a tooth due to an accident or a physical altercation. Your dentist will be able to restore or replace the missing teeth.
  6. Workplace injuries. Another reason people lose teeth is occupational injuries. People may endure a workplace accident causing teeth to become loose. If you lose your teeth while performing your job, you may be able to seek assistance from your employer through your dental insurance.
  7. Sports injuries. Students and athletes can endure missing or knocked out teeth from contact sports. In these cases, it’s best to get in touch with your dentist right away because your tooth could be saved.
  8. Medical treatments. Undergoing treatments may weaken the immune system, making a person more vulnerable to oral health issues and tooth infections. This may then lead to tooth extraction.
  9. Lack of dental education. Without knowing the negative impacts of poor oral hygiene, people may unwittingly make wrong choices that compromise their oral health.
  10. Dental anxiety. Fear of the dentist or any form of dental anxiety may leave a person susceptible to poor oral health. Avoiding dentist appointments and preventive dental care increases the risk of dental issues.
  11. Finances. Some people skip going to the dentist due to finances. Don’t be afraid to ask about payment plans or if you need assistance in contacting your insurance provider.
  12. Genetics. Some people may be more predisposed to tooth loss due to genetics, the same way as some are gifted with a beautiful set of teeth.

Your dentist can develop a treatment plan for you to replace your missing teeth. Before they proceed, they will advise you on the associated costs. Whether you decide to receive treatment depends on you. But do consider the risks involved when you have a missing tooth or teeth.

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